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Main Features of Sky Replacement Service for Real Estate Photos

The clear blue or the azure sky makes for a pristine background and can enhance the curb appeal of an architectural photograph with a property. Such photos shot against a sky backdrop play an important role in luring the potential buyers to the real estate gallery. It is here that real estate photo editing services […]

Top 5 Editing Techniques to Enhance your Photography

Whether you merely shoot the occasional selfie on your smartphone or you are a professional photographer with a studio, you need software to edit and enhance your photos for the best outcome. Apparently, using such editing tools and techniques, you can make your photos look better and promote them online or via print media. It […]

How Editors Attain Uniformity on a Headshot Using a Hair Masking Technique

Each and every photographer needs to remove the backdrop from the images and insert a new backdrop using the layers in Adobe Photoshop to refine the photo. Such best practices in professional Photoshop services are hassle-free as far as editors are concerned, especially if the actual backdrop contains clear color and the edges are rendered […]

Why Artificial Vignetting is a Sought after Photoshop Service

The term vignetting in optics and photography means darkening of the border of the image as opposed to the center. Vignette portraits tend to have edges that may gradually fade to either white or black due to optical mistakes, which is known as optical vignetting. However, the effect can be artificially added in post-possessing of […]

3 Important Uses of Clipping Path in Photoshop

Clipping path is one of the most commonly used processes in Photoshop. It is used for a variety of purposes such as in isolating a subject and removing it from the background. Due to this, clipping path is extensively used in designing magazines, websites, and advertisements. It is an essential process out in any photos […]

Why Perspective Correction Technique is Needed in Multiple Segments

If your architectural photos seem like leaning backward or forward to the naked eye, it may leave a wrong impression on the viewers. With perspective correction technique, editors will correct the horizontal or vertical distortions on the photo for better legibility. Vertical lines may appear on product photos as well due to tilting of the […]

Five Editing Practices Which Can Alter A Travel Photograph

It is a known fact that professional picture editing practices can influence the photos a traveler takes in many ways. In fact, the best practices in photo edits, which professional Photoshop services give, are applicable for all types of photos. In today‚Äôs world, travel photos must move people and stimulate moods, so post-processing is also […]

Vector Photos Give Abstract Works To The Photo Retouching Services

The two types of abstract photo format include Bitmap and Vector format. It is said that Vector photos are far superior to the Bitmap ones and are retouched to form an abstract. Apparently, an abstract satisfies the varying needs of audiences and businesses alike. As Bitmap can be converted to Vector and vice versa via […]

The Importance Of HDR Image Blending In Real Estate

For real estate businesses, the quality of the images used is of critical importance. The value of the property images largely determines how buyers will see and decide on purchasing them. Due to this, most of the real estate companies rely on a professional picture editing service for all their needs concerning imaging and presentation. […]

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