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Techniques That Go into Manipulating a Photograph

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The whole point of photo manipulation is to train our eyes to think about things that come out of the ordinary, such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa, for instance. That is a real tower, but photo manipulation refers to the art of changing the outlook of a photograph using several techniques and software to achieve an illusion or artistic effect.

The best thing about manipulating photos is that there is no end to how creative professional Photoshop services can get in terms of outputs. Besides, they can save time and cost that go into combining photos to achieve a creative portfolio. Generally, manipulation tasks are achieved by merging more photos than one.

There are many professional photo editing companies, which specialize in this realm, even as most photo manipulations are created out of a special interest to go wacky and creative. Yet, prior to the merging task, photo editing services filter out stock photos they have at their disposal. In fact, an editor would carefully have a look at multiple stock photos prior to selecting the right ones that could go into the final composition. That is because photos that are too blurry cannot be ideal for manipulation.

From the wildest, most creative photos to the simplest of ideas, anything can be communicated through photo manipulation. In the process of achieving desired outlooks, the below techniques are used in professional Photoshop services. Even in manipulation, it is the trick that sells and not the over exaggeration of effects. There is already an exaggeration in photo manipulation but the output should be within the lands of the imaginary, yet with some realism in it.

Cutting out Image Portions

Prior to merging together photos, the portions of a sample image are selected and taken out using the Pen tool in Adobe Photoshop. It is then placed on a different photo’s backdrop where a manipulation is being done. Still, there are limitations to the Pen tool. If complex portions such as stray hair of a model or entangled leaves are to be cut out, an image masking technique will have to be used to achieve the best results.

Shadow Creation

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Shadows are added to photographs to achieve a sense of realism. Most objects shot in daylight will have a shadow, but creating shadows in Photoshop can augment a sense of realism that was not part of the photo manipulation. To achieve that, the shadows are proportionally placed to everything else on the partly manipulated photo and they can convey the things as it is. Think of a photo manipulation, which is impossible to create in the real world, but one that still involves shadows to flying objects and so forth. It can be added to a product photo with white or non-white backgrounds to achieve a multi-dimensional object placed on its backdrop.

Fixing Proportions

The corresponding size of an object to the subject on a creative photo has to be in accordance with what is possible in the real world. For instance, by no means can a dog be bigger than a house. Further, when placing an object against a distant backdrop, the one in the foreground can only be pronounced than the one in the background to convey the distance. Needless to say, even when designing an art that is farfetched, proportion makes a difference in how realistic an art looks.

Using Textures

Textures do not necessarily contribute to the realism on a photo manipulation, but they do help in seamlessly blending the photos. It adds to the image’s depth. Image blending is a key aspect of manipulation, so professional Photoshop services have to be tactful when it comes to the use of textures. There are many types of textures, which graphic designers can consider using for a manipulated art. The best ones are those that seamlessly blend with the rest of the image and create a perceived impression or mood.

Color Blending

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Not all images are going to match the texture, background, or even the main image portions. That is when color blending comes in handy in manipulation. Photoshop have Gradient Maps and Photo Filters that help with adding or taking out the color on images. When applied, it either provides a photo more color, or takes out the extra color. That helps the photos blend with one another and form a coherent look.

Attention to Detail

When creating an artistic photo with an area of focus, editors must realize that it has to stand out from the rest of the image. Think of a fire effect added to a photo – it has to be made so bright and vibrant that it stands out to capture the attention of the viewers focused on that part.

Compositing Multiple Photos

When it comes to manipulation, photos are much like pieces of a puzzle and only when they are combined, do they even form a perception of an unusual object. Think of adding branches to a Bonsai tree in order to turn into a towering oak. That can be manipulation at its most creative.