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How Technology Impacted Professional Photoshop Services?

Professional Photoshop Services
Professional Photoshop Services

The innovations and improvements in technology have transformed the field of photography and image editing in the past few years. This has made product photo editing and other such services more accessible to people and thereby made it more popular which was once considered to be traditional when done by professionals. In this article, we will examine how technologies like smartphones, photo editing apps, artificial intelligence, etc., influenced photo editing, read on to know more.

Smart Phones

The improvements in processing capabilities of smartphone and tablet SOCs, especially when it comes to image processing, many phones can run photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Coral Photo-Paint, etc. This made professional photoshop services more portable and cheaper for the last few years.  Not only that, but there are also may photo editing tools focusing more on amateur photographers where the software or application offers features like one-touch automated photo editing.

One of the most popular smartphone photo editing applications is Google Snapseed, it gives almost all features required for professional photo editing. Its biggest advantage is that the UI is simple and therefore the learning curve is very minimal. Because of this, it can be easily mastered by amateurs as well. Another application is Enlight Photofox, it offers photo editing features like working on multiple layers of an image similar to Adobe Photoshop.

Facial Recognition

The improvements in facial recognition technologies and their inclusion in the photo and video editing software have revolutionized these two respective fields. This enables more realistic use of the bokeh effect during editing. Not only that, but the use of this technology in cameras along with photo editing software also ensures that you get good images when shooting them, as well as after editing. As a result of this, it improved the efficiency of product photo editing services and made it more cost-effective. Above all, this made images form mobile phone cameras like the iPhone’s on par with professional mirrorless or DSLR cameras images.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Product Photo Editing
Product Photo Editing

The inclusion of AI in photography and photo editing software has brought about significant changes in this field. It drastically improved with autofocusing and lowlight capabilities of professional cameras, made white balancing and color correction in product photo editing more accurate and faster, and many more. In short, the changes brought about by AI are disruptive and transformative that professionals are expecting more integration of AI-based technologies in their workflow. Moreover, this made the editing of 360o images easier by partial automation.

These are some of the ways technology improved photography and professional photoshop services for the last few years, and the future looks promising.