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The Best Free Image Editing Tools for Bloggers

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It is a common thing to find a blog with fascinating content, but no less common these days is finding riveting images that go with it. Content with relevant images gets a lot more views, which is one of the reasons why bloggers clamor for photo editing services that let them come up with the best pictures. The following image editing tools for bloggers allow you to graphically design your image by overlaying shapes and text, to enthrall visitors.


This is one of the most popular free online tools targeted at bloggers. It lets you make professional looking Photoshop-quality graphic images, and with just the free basic version. It comes with drag-and-drop functionality, so that it is easier to size and move images and add elements like fonts, shapes, and text boxes. You get to choose from over 1 million preexisting images and graphics, and thousands of templates to start working with.

Canva is best suited for making graphics that you will share on social media, but you can also customize your own dimensions if the templates are not your preferred size. Premium images and illustrations are charged at $1 per item. The upgrade service, Canva for Work, starts at $12.97/month.


This is another popular online image editing tool, with the free basic version offering plenty of options for making your pictures stand out.

  • Image adjusting – to sharpen an image or adjust the exposure.
  • Custom effects – to boost the color or soften the image.
  • Image touch ups – to whiten teeth, fix blemishes or remove red eye.
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There are also entertaining filters such as whisker grow or spray tan, but for those you would have to go with the premium plan. There are no social media templates for the images, but it is very easy to crop images to a specific size. You cannot save your work to the cloud, which is one feature Canva offers – all your edits have to be done at once, and then the file has to be saved on your computer.


This service is mainly for making infographics, reports and presentations. A large amount of information can be conveyed in an easily palatable way. The service is easy to use, can make professional looking graphics, and lets you work from easy-to-use templates.

The intuitive interface makes it extremely easy to make graphs or charts with your own data – just pick the type of chart you want, and then double click to type in the data. Other features include adding video to the infographic, and uploading images as logos for branding purposes. The Lite plan comes at $15/month, while the Pro plan is priced at $29/month.