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The Difference between Photo Retouching, Editing, and Manipulation

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The concept of photo editing has grown miraculously these days and there will be hardly any person who does not do any post-processing techniques on their images. Even though it is optional in case of personal photos, it is indispensable when it comes to the commercial field. In this case, an enhanced photo of a product is more likely to attract the potential buyers when compared to a normal photo. Additionally, it will help you to make your brand unique and play a major role in representing the character of your business.

Some of the main fields where professional photo editing services is crucial include the real estate, online business, restaurant business, fashion, etc. Luckily, most people are aware of the importance of considering photo editing services only from the best photo editing companies these days. Otherwise, they will have to compromise on the quality of their product photos, which will, in turn, affect their business.

The main technique used by the professionals at photo editing companies is image enhancement, which includes photo editing, manipulation, and retouching. However, most people have a misconception that photo editing, retouching, and manipulation are the same, and they often make mistakes because of this confusion while talking to their photo editors. Below are some important points that differentiate these three photo enhancement techniques.

Photo Editing

This is the basic step of the photo enhancement process and it is usually done at the initial stage. Photo editing includes many simple techniques like adjusting the white balance, contrast, exposure, brightness, saturation, etc. If required, you can do some cropping and sharpening as well, at this stage.

Photo Retouching

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Photo retouching is more advanced than photo editing. In this photo enhancement technique, the techniques like smoothening, eliminating unwanted elements, adjusting the size of the frame, etc., are done. In short, photo retouching is used to make an edited image flawless.

Photo Manipulation

This is the final stage; this is where you make changes to the actual file. Here, the professionals do things like background removal, sky enhancement, adding necessary elements such as birds, trees, mountains, sunlight, etc. In case of personal photos, some editors may induce a smile on the face of the model, make his/her eyes sparkly, change the hairline or hairstyle, etc., in order to get the best look.