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The Different Types of Image Retouching And Your Considerations

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Portrait Retouching

We all use the term “Retouching” casually to refer to various photo editing services. However, not many know that it actually nvolves many subject specific areas like Editorial, Portrait, Commercial, Creative, and Beauty Retouching.

Each of these subjects has its own considerations on retouching when editing the image. In simple terms, the actions and decisions that the editor takes while editing for “Portrait” will be much different from those taken while editing the image for “Beauty.”

The following questions will help you fix the category of the image editing and the approximate time needed to retouch the image.

  • What will be the use of the image?
  • What is the number of images to be retouched and delivered?

You will need to find exact answers to the above questions before beginning retouching, as it will give you an outline of the editing work to do. As said, each of the retouching categories will have its own set of reference points that need to be followed to get the desired results.

Portrait Retouching

Usually in portrait retouching, all of the personal qualities and characteristics of the person is kept intact. Model tests and headshots fall in this category, as they need displaying the subject as natural as possible. In portrait retouching, the skin texture, contrast, color correction, and sharpening are kept subtle.

Commercial Retouching

Commercial retouching is mainly used in advertisements and covers wide range of subjects. The subjects can be products like cars, dresses, jewelry, airlines, food, beauty products, etc. The main intention of these images is to promote sales of the product or service.

Editorial Retouching

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Beauty Retouching

In editorial retouching, the images are kept as natural as possible, but the distracting elements of the image are removed. This retouching is commonly used promote a brand, product or service as these images are mainly used in editorials, look books, magazines, and publication.

Beauty Retouching

Beauty retouching has many variants like simple facial retouching, celebrity beauty retouching, hairstyling retouching, and fashion beauty retouching. Makeup beauty photography focuses on skin retouching and so it is the most time consuming type of beauty retouching.

Creative Retouching

Unlike other retouching, this type of retouching is considered an artwork as it does not depict the reality of the subject. This retouching involves combining multiple images to offer different imaginative realms that cannot be offered by a single image. This is the most time consuming and demanding type of retouching service.