Pivotal Role of Luminosity Masks in Digital Image Blending

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Picture editing is an important tool to enhance your photos and make it look even more appealing. In fact, professional picture editing has gained tremendous popularity, especially in the commercial field. After all, the appealing images of the products play a significant role in attracting the customers in most businesses. Usually, most online entrepreneurs rely on a credible photo clipping service to highlight their merchandise.

If you are interested in editing an image in a professional way, it is significant for you to master luminosity masks in Adobe Photoshop. Note that these masks are employed in digital image blending to break down the image into a number of fields depending on its luminosity. In simple words, luminosity masks will allow the editor to make a selection in Photoshop based on the darkness or brightness of an area.

Let us put it this way, assume that you have a nighttime cityscape image and every element in the image is perfect except the blown out street lights. Assume that you have another image, which is really dark but the street lights are well-captured. By using luminosity masks, you can select the street lights in the former image and hone in on their luminosity and brightness values. Then, you can give it the perfect exposure by replacing it with the lights in the latter image. In short, luminosity masks mainly works by blending different exposures.

Furthermore, you need to understand two important points before you start applying the luminosity masks. First, it is a hectic and cumbersome process to create luminosity masks. Plus, it requires expert supervision. Secondly, you must thoroughly understand the functions as well as the application of luminosity masks. With the right steps, you can transform an over or underexposed image to a professional quality one. The main benefits of using luminosity masks are the ease of creating a highly targeted selection and feathering nature. On the other hand, the time consumption and the learning curves are its major drawbacks.

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There are mainly three ways to transform a raw image to a perfect one using luminosity masks:

Tonal Adjustment – With this, you can recover every minute detail in the shadows or highlights of an image without affecting other areas. For this, make a targeted selection and do tonal adjustments until you are satisfied.

Color Adjustment – Select the targeted areas to manipulate its color settings. Take care to apply paint in the selected area rather than on the adjustment layer since the selection is done here based on the luminance of the image.

Dodge and Burn– This method is used to darken or lighten the selected areas so as to make your image pop by subtly enhancing its local contrast. Dodge and burn can be applied to both color and white images.