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The Relevance of Light in Photography

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Photography is an art where lighting plays a very crucial role in determining the outcome. Depending upon the proper lighting, a photograph could go from brilliant to dreadful. Every photographer employs this simple science while taking pictures. The key is to understand the relationship between your camera settings and the conditions of light.

Each type of light has a different effect on the photograph. By knowing this dependence, you can also create the type of photograph that you visualized. Below are a few features about the relationship between lighting and photography that will come in handy in professional picture editing.

Sunlight at Different Times of the Day

One of the best things that a photographer can use is natural sunlight. It covers everything equally on a clear and sunny day. If you take a picture during the middle of a sunny day, it will be very bright with clear features, as the sun will be overhead. On the other hand, sunlight has a completely different effect during the evening and morning.

The sun shines from a low angle close to the horizon during these times. Thus, the intensity of light would be reduced slightly. This will give you photos with soft lighting that is very pleasing to the eye.

Low Light Situations

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The scenario is completely different in low light situations. If you use a flash, the object would get completely washed out. This will also produce an unclear image, as there would be many grains and strange looking objects in the image. Therefore, it is important to have a good understanding of your device before you attempt to photograph in low-light situations.

You have to change the settings of your camera to compensate for the lack of light. Turn up the ISO of your camera to make up for the low light. This will help your camera shutter to take a picture with the available light in the room. It would be better if you use a tripod to keep your camera static as you attempt to photograph.

What Reflected Light Does to a Photograph

The reflected light is a great tool that photographers use to avoid glares in their images. When light falls directly on some object, there is bound to be a bright spot in the image owing to the glare. This might cause great difficulty in product photo editing. You can avoid this by directing light reflected off a surface on to your subject.

You need to control the reflected light and the distance of the source from the object. This will give a much refined and moderate amount of brightness to your picture.