The Types of Photo Editing Processes and the Differences between Them

Photo Editing Services
Image Editing Services

Businesses require photographs not only for online promotional purposes but also for offline uses. Professionally edited photos represent a brand’s personality and help to build its distinctiveness. This is what makes image editing, manipulation, and photo retouching an essential part of marketing, PR, and branding activities. In fact, this is the main reason why businesses seek the help of photo editing companies – to get the best outputs.

If you are yet to include digital photography into your business development strategies, then you will want to know more about the different kinds of photo editing services out there. Each edit job has its own uniqueness. Thus, depending on your business purposes, you have to outsource the right ones to photo editing companies. After all, everything involves editing of some sort but the nature of output may depend on the requirement or type of edit required.

Basic Photo Editing

It is all about taking out the flaws or making basic adjustments using the correct photo editing tools or methods. Each raw product photo has to be edited to make your offerings attractive and thereby lure potential customers. Editing may be required to correct white balance and exposure.

Not all raw photos are perfect snaps, as some are underexposed or overexposed. It is important to balance out the shadows and highlights areas to make your product images look professional.

Photo Retouching Services

This also refers to headshot or portrait retouching. Experienced image retouching professionals have to do the job to ensure facial features are edited, but not in a way that it leads to misrepresentation. Some facial features are part of one’s identity, such as moles to name one. However, the same kind of expertise is required to edit stray hairs and make a product model look professional.

Photo Editing Services
Image Retouching Services

One of the best things about digital software aided retouching is that there is a technique for each kind of retouching or edit, such as frequency separation for skin retouching, and luminosity masking for exposure correction or blending. Photo retouching is not just concerned with skin retouching, it also involves teeth whitening and retouching in general.

Photo Manipulation

A photo manipulation output means exactly what it implies – to trick your eyes to buy in to something that may be imagined. This type of edit job requires more creativity from the part of an editor. It also requires a software tool that offers them layers as well as pixel-level editing. Things such as sky replacement service for real estate clients and ghost mannequin service for e-commerce apparels are part of the manipulative edits.