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Things To Keep In Mind While Using Clipping Mask

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Photo retouching is outsourced due to many reasons. One main reason is that professional photo editing services can help to enhance the image and improve its quality. Though various methods are adopted for doing so, the end result will always be an image that could be used for its desired purpose.

An important feature of photo retouching is the ability to move the image around or even take away the back setting. By doing so, you can enhance the main focus of the image to make it appear more natural. A good photo can communicate a thousand words, and by enhancing it, you are making it easier to convey the message.

Generating an original image is time-consuming using clipping mask in Photoshop, but is a simple task. Professional photo editing services use quick tool option to create a clipping path and move to free hand for better picture editing.

Using The Required Tools

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Magic wand is a useful tool for quickly selecting a large portion in your picture, which has flat pixel or neutral background color like a large green wall or blue sky. However, the tool become trickier when the area to be selected is more detailed and has many colors in background.

Selecting a character from the picture is also a bit difficult using the tool. If you still prefer to use Magic Tool as your clipping path, you need to be very careful while selecting the detailed sections – zooming in and dragging a line to select proper amount of your picture would be better.

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to use free hand when your picture has comprehensive details, or requires editing several lines to outline the picture. Clipping mask allows you to create anchor points to drag the path if needed and allows you to make improvements later.

You can then use the style tool in Photoshop for adding more effects to your picture. Some professionals also edit photos using this tool, especially those that do not have much detailed back setting or colors. It is usually opted for real estate photo editing services, but then too, the building or background of the image needs to be simple. Otherwise, using the free hand tool would be better.