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Three Types Of Image Clipping Techniques In Photoshop

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Image Clipping Techniques

An editor uses image clipping to hide some image portions and reveal other portions of an image. Also known as image masking, the technique enables the editor to remove the background and to stitch multiple images flexibly. There are three types of techniques used by the editors to mask the image in Photoshop – the first one being layer masks.

Using layer masks, editors change the opacity of portions of an image in addition to hiding or revealing image portions. A layer mask is also used to make the borders of an image smooth. If editors paint the mask in black color, that image layer will be transparent and will make the layers beneath visible. If editors paint with grayscale, however, the image will be partially transparent to the naked eye. If editors change the opacity of a layer with the opacity slider, the opacity of the image will be changed entirely.

The second method, clipping masks, is used by editors to place a layer at the bottom of the layer that they want to make transparent. From the bottom layer, editors tweak the visibility of the layer above. Note that clipping masks are used in the opposite way compared to layer masks.

Image Clipping
Revealing Image Portions

An advantage of clipping mask to layer mask is that editors can make a different image portion more visible by moving the clipped image. Moreover, they can tweak what will be legible via the mask the subject or the background. Editors use the image masking techniques to stitch together a fine college as well.

The third method is alpha channel masks, which are adopted for photos that are tough to clip. The image clipping technique is used to mask the hair and furry areas that distract the view in a photo. If the subject of the photo and the background has sufficient contrast, then alpha channel masks are an easier technique to apply for the editors.

Photoshop masks give editors an option to keep the subject and remove the background of an image like the Magic Wand tool. Each image will make the editors to try alternate methods to mask the unwanted background in the image. The best method is the one which completes the task of background removal service with due perfection. Contact a clipping path company if you want to remove the background of an image and enhance the visibility of the photo.