Tips for Real Estate Photography Using Drone

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The use of drone photography is becoming more and more popular in the real estate field. The aerial perspective of drone photos gives prospective buyers a better view of their future property. One always has the option to enhance the output with the help of a professional picture editing service. All these have allowed real estate agents to sell homes easily.

You can take high-resolution photos using a small drone. You should still have control over it to make use of high-res cameras and take pictures that make a house stand out.

Prepare the Landscape

There might be items scattered around the property. You should clear any such objects before a shoot to make your real estate snaps more presentable. Of course, you can have any bulky items removed by real estate photo editing services as well. However, you should get rid of what you can to save money on the whole photography process, including post-processing.

Adjust Your Settings

Some drones have numerous settings for the flight and operation of the cameras. You have to adjust the settings before a shoot. If you are using such a drone, then it will have an application where you can tweak the settings. If your product has these features, here are some general tips that you can use in photography.

Shoot in RAW mode. Although the file size will be bigger when you shoot in this mode, it will give some flexibility to real estate photo editing services.

Set the aspect ratio of 3:2 for photos with the maximum resolution. Finally, it is best that you use autofocus for aerial photography. With manual focus, it could be extremely difficult for you to take photos that are in focus; as your drone starts to fly around, the focus would be lost. However, with autofocus, you can take better pictures.

Use Intelligent Flight Modes

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There will be an autonomous flight mode in your drone. Most drones have this feature, which changes the way the unmanned aerial vehicle¬†(UAV) behaves. For instance, the “tripod mode” helps the operator to slow down their drone’s speed considerably, which helps with lining up real estate shots.

Keep Your Drone at a Low Altitude

One of the common mistakes that drone photographers make while shooting a property is with height. Oftentimes, you see a house being snapped from a high altitude, where its frame is filled with not the actual property but the roof. It is okay to take such snaps, but you also have to show the audience the front side of the property. Shooting from a height of 20 to 25 feet will help you to photograph its facade. This is a height, which you cannot reach in standard photography.