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Tips to Add Essential Elements into your Photographs

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There will be hardly anyone, who does not enjoy clicking pictures, and hence, most people are equipped with best gadgets in the market as well. However, clicking pictures with the finest camera will not ensure best images. Fortunately, there are many photo editing services that can be used to beautify your images.

Nothing is as beautiful as nature for the backdrop of your image. However, it is not necessary that you will be able to click pictures at the perfect time. Luckily, there are some methods in photo editing apps, which will help you to insert various elements, which did not exist in the frame into your photographs originally.

The elements such as rain, sparkles, light leaks, snow, bubbles, rainbows, etc., are sure to add to your images in some ways. These effects can be easily inserted using some simple overlays, which makes it easier to add many effects to your photographs. Below are the steps to add rain and snow to your photographs using Photoshop.

    • The first step is to open any of your best photos in the Photoshop along with the overlays. Now, choose the size 5400 x 3600 for the overlays. This makes your photographs large enough that you can work easily on it without enlarging the overlays frequently.
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  • Now, resize the overlay in order to match the size of your image. Note that the height and width of the overlay must not be smaller than the height and width of your image. In fact, it must be either same or greater than that of your image.
  • If you have chosen a 5400 x 3600 size for overlay, it will be best to reduce the size of your image for better compatibility. However, this is not necessary if you want to print your photos in big size.
  • Next step is to select the rain overlay and copy that layer by selecting copy from the edit menu. Now, select and move that overlay on to your image and paste it there. You will be able to see raining image with a black background.
  • Select the overlay layer by going to the layer palette and change the opacity level of the image to “screen”. This will enable you to see your original image with the raining effect and you are done.

You can follow the same steps to create the snow effect as well. The only difference is that you have to choose a snow overlay instead of rain overlay.