Tips to Get the Best Results in Real Estate Photography

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Real estate photography is not the most technically difficult niche of photography. However, one has to be careful in certain areas when it comes to taking attractive photos of a property. These photos would be seen by a lot of people, so it requires something special to stand a chance to draw interest from people. Below are a few things to be careful about when you plan your real estate photography.

Have a Standard Shot List for Each Property

Have a plan for a few standard shots for every property you photograph. Even though it is true that no two properties are the same, there are a few typical shots, which will guarantee that your photos look attractive. For instance, wide shots of all bedrooms, living room, and kitchen are a must regardless of the property type. This is because these are the spaces, which people look forward to when they choose a property to buy.

In addition, a shot each of the bathroom, backyard, laundry room, and garage is also recommended. This step will ensure that even if you miss out on certain features, you will still be left with a standard, presentable set of photographs of your place. Bear in mind the things you need to cover, as this will add a lot more value to your photos.

Prepare your Gear the Night before

Preparation is everything when it comes to photography. It may sound a little outlandish, but it is the truth. A dead battery means a dead photo shoot, so something as simple as a battery could ruin your entire day.

There is nothing more frustrating than being at a shoot only to find that your gear does not function. Hence, it is always advised to store an extra battery for your camera and have the necessary gear ready. Take a secondary camera too if you have one, and never forget the charger. Furthermore, ensure that your memory card is formatted and functional.


One of the most important things to remember about your photos is cleanliness. Make it your top priority and your property will look even more attractive. It is quite natural that our homes tend to get untidy over time. So make sure you declutter the space prior to the photo shoot, or else it will be too much for the photo retouching services to handle in post processing.

When on it, remember that it is good to have a few decorative objects. These might even enhance your photos in a great way. Coffee tables, countertops, and desks are the best places to arrange these items for your photo shoot.

Take a Walk through the Home you are about to Shoot

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Every house is different. So it is better to know your location and its surroundings before you start shooting. This will help you to keep a virtual picture of the angles you would be shooting. Furthermore, you can also see what all items need to be removed from the frame prior to the shoot. This will surely give you the best results and make your professional picture editing easier.

Take a Call on the Lighting Arrangement

Lighting is a very important aspect of photography. The type of lighting you choose has far-reaching implications. If you choose to leave the artificial lights on, it will create a warmer atmosphere and thereby bring a welcoming ambiance. However, you will have to manage the fluctuation in temperature during your photo retouching services.

Note that leaving lights off and depending solely on natural light is also attractive in a different way. It will lighten the mood of the room while making the interiors look cooler. Therefore, natural light is a great way to illuminate your property.

Use Flash Intelligently and Allow it to Bounce Off the Walls

Most people, while using the flash in their cameras, point the sensors into the middle of the room. The resulting image will surely have a bright spot in the center as the light is accumulated in the center. You can avoid making such errors by using your flash smartly.

For instance, by allowing the flash to fall on the ceilings, they will bounce off the surfaces and brighten up the whole space. The light bouncing off the ceilings, hind walls, and the sidewalls gives the space a much better look.

Shoot Straight for Less Distortion

While taking pictures of your property, make sure that you keep the camera straight. This will give you well-aligned photos and save you the time of editing the distorted photos. Besides, when you point your cameras in a slightly tilted position, slanting lines appear in your photo and cause distortion. The ideal height suggested for real estate photography is around 5 feet; the key is to find the right height for your property.

Tips to Get the Best Results in Real Estate Photography
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