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Tips to Have Great Images for Lot and Land Listings

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Focus On Natural Features

It is important to share images when you are uploading real estate listings, as property images can dramatically increase your chances to connect with the buyer and to get a good price for the listing. In the real estate listings, images are not just worth a thousand words, they can be worth a thousand dollars for the seller.

Many realtors say that sharing images is better than sharing listings without images. Real estate agents and businesses know that the blank property listings do not grab the attention of buyers and delay in sales can lead to decrease in profit. However, you may often need to share images of the vacant lot or land that you need to sell as well.

The goal of expert real estate marketers is to use high quality images of the property that highlights the best features and a clipping path company can help you achieve this goal. You need to keep in mind that the real estate listing you share is like a marketing flyer for the property. This is why it is important to display the property in its best form.

Best Images to Use in Lot and Land Listings

When you are making a listing to sell a home, it is obvious that you will include images of the front façade, the kitchen, and the master bedroom. However, listings of vacant land can be tricky. The following tips can help share effective images of vacant lands.

#1 Focus on Natural Features

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Highlight Neighborhood Features

Make sure to include natural features of the land like water elements, trees, and open spaces. All buyers would like to know more about the land that they are going to buy. However, an open lot will not offer the visual scale of focal points. Therefore, it will be better to use appropriate perspectives and angles. A photo clipping service can help you edit the images to correct the perspectives and angles.

#2 Highlight Neighborhood Features and Amenities

Keep in mind that you are selling the lifestyle with the property. You can share images of nearby parks or clubhouses, and landscaping to attract potential buyers. It is also a good idea to share images of nearby shops and malls.

#3 Show Aerial Images of the Site

Aerial images can visually describe the lot or land. It is true that the on ground images are valuable, but aerial images can offer potential buyers a bird eye view of the things that cannot be seen in on ground images. In addition, aerial images can best explain the property lines and layout of the site.