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Tips To Prepare Digital Images For Photoshop Printing

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Image Size And Resolution

Many people prefer to print digital images directly from their camera since it is relatively easy than printing the images through Photoshop. However, one of the major reasons why photo editing companies advise their customers not to do so is because you will not able to get high-quality photos when you are printing images directly from a camera. This is where photo retouching services can help you.

If you are planning to use your printed digital images for marketing or advertisement purposes, then it will be best to use Photoshop for printing the images. Photo editing companies use a few simple tips and tricks for preparing a digital image for printing in Photoshop, which ensure that the final output is not distorted or clumsy to look at. Professional photo editors implement the following steps when they are printing an image in Photoshop.

Color Management

Photo editors will initially manage the colors of your digital image in order to balance the color and the background of the image. Expert photo editors carefully manage the color separation of the digital images that are intended for printing in the next step. Finally, they will also access the custom color profiles of Photoshop to match the printing colors of digital images.

Image Size And Resolution

The size and resolution of the digital image, which is to be scaled into the print box, are of significant importance too. The size of the image must have an appropriate width, length, and height, which fits the printing area. In most cases, digital images with high resolution give a better print than images with a lower resolution. Photo editors make necessary changes to the size and resolution of your image and ensure that it fits the printing area perfectly.


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Preparing Digital Images

Resampling is a method that involves changing the amount of image data and it is achieved by adjusting the number of pixels of a digital image. Photo editors use interpolation method for resampling digital images, as this approach offers color values to the new pixels and makes them perfect for printing.

The preferred image format for most desktop printers is CMYK, but your digital images can be either in CMYK or in RGB mode. Therefore, photo editors will efficiently convert the images that are in RGB to CMYK mode before printing them, while keeping the image resolution and quality intact.