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Tips to Retouch Your Portrait Photos

Photo Retouching Services
Photo Retouching Services

Portrait photo editing can be complicated, as you have to make sure that your subject looks the best without affecting the natural appeal of the photo. So you have to be careful when editing portrait photos. Hiring photo retouching services to edit portrait photos may not be always affordable. Therefore, we list some useful tips that can be helpful for you to retouch your portrait photos without having to hire photo editing services.

Make the Image Flat Before You Start Editing

Make sure to build a base before you apply any retouching. It is better to flatten your images so that you can process them easily. Adjust the exposure and color temperature to make your images flat. You should make the shadows a little flat and highlights a little dull. Also, your tonal range should match the mid-tones of the picture. These changes can make your images flat and dull thereby ensuring that you can easily employ various retouching techniques.

If you start editing with natural contrast, the editing techniques might overdo the contrast and affect the natural appeal of the image.

Eliminate Scars and Spots With the Help of the Healing Brush

You have to give great attention to details when retouching portrait photos. The healing tool can be much beneficial for you to edit even the smallest inconsistencies on the skin. This tool can be effective to remove spots, scars, acne, wrinkles, etc on the skin.

You can also use this tool to remove distractions from other images like landscape photos. Hence, the healing tool can be a great aid for you to eliminate different imperfections in your images. This technique is widely used by photo retouching services to avoid different flaws in portrait photos.

Make Use of the Clone Stamp Tool

This tool can be applied both on the skin and the background. It can help to make the skin clear without affecting the original texture of the skin. But make sure to use it sparingly when applying on areas with natural light or parts that do not have much detail.

Try the Dodge and Burn Tool

Retouch Your Portrait Photos
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This tool can be effective to shape the light based on the specific requirements of the image. You can also use it for bringing three-dimensionality to your two-dimensional photos. The dodge and burn tool can aid to make your subject pop thereby enhancing the look of the image.

All these tools and techniques can be effective in editing your portrait photos without reducing the beauty and natural appeal.