Tips To Use Drop Shadows

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Photoshop layer styles allow you to add effects like strokes and drop shadows into your photo without destructing the original image. You can achieve any desired effect on your photo by hiring a professional photo editing service.

Drop shadows are an effective way to bring 3D depth in a 2D picture and it is achieved by creating an offset shadow behind an object in the photograph. The offset shadow will indicate that the object is hovering in a 3D background within the picture.

The drop shadow dialog box also gives you an idea on the rest of the effects and on how to use them. This feature is perfect for beginners, as the settings are pretty basic and simple to the user. Here is how to adjust the features in the dialog box and liven up your image.

Blend Mode

Blend mode is an effective editing feature, which will help you to set an accurate blending effect in your photo. You can also change the color of your shadow through this feature.


You can set or change the transparency of your shadows by using the opacity slider. In order to obtain a completely visible shadow, set opacity slider at 0%. However, if you desire a completely opaque shadow, set the opacity slider at 100%.


The apparent angle from which the light source comes from can be easily altered by using the angle spinner feature. Turn on the “Use Global Light” checkbox and make necessary arrangements in the angle slider to change the perspective of the shadow.


The distance slider allows you to change the apparent distance between the background and the subject. The distance slider adjusts the space between the shadow and the subject to bring a 3D effect.

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Make necessary arrangements in the spread slider to change the falloff of your shadow in a linear pattern. Maintain the spread slider position at 0% for typical drop shadow, or change it to 100% for harder shadows.


The size slider allows the user to change the apparent size of the shadow in your image. If you set the size slider at zero, then the size of the shadow will be exactly equal to that the shape of the object. You can see the change by increasing the size gradually.

Tips To Use Drop Shadows
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