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Top 3 Applications of a Clipping Path Service

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Clipping path is used to separate an image’s background and replace it with a new backdrop. Graphic design professionals use Photoshop’s Pen tool to manually select the backdrop and remove it for a new image. People who are into graphic designing call such clipped photos as cutouts, which fit nicely into the layout of a website.

The applications of deep etching are plenty, so there are many types of clients who necessitate the assistance of a clipping path company for product photos with features that enhance its visibility. The best photo editing companies that provide deep etching services use manual tools and show patience while performing its primary objective; online services might offer the same automatically, but with less desirable results.

Clipping Path Service for Removing the Background

This is deep etching’s main objective – to create a vector that can captivate those who visit a website where the product photos will be uploaded for marketing or sales purposes. The background removal is used for e-commerce products, in particular, and Pen tool is ideally used for that.

Such kinds of products, be it apparels or jewelry photos, become more legible if clipping path is applied to create a cutout with a preferably white backdrop. Further, if apparel photos have creases or stains, such kinds of flaws can be eliminated with a deep etching service.

Deep Etching for Color Correction

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To enhance the dynamics of certain product photos such as furniture or upholstery to be used on real estate websites, multiple clipping path comes in handy. This refers to separating the background color by choosing a different color from the same product photo.

Clipping Path to Optimize Website Images

It is seen that using higher resolution photos may affect the page load time of a particular website, whereas using low-res is not advisable for marketing. That is where deep etching helps to optimize the photo in a way that it will not consume too much website space; the process usually involves cropping or compressing the size of a photo.

An ideally web-optimized photo can improve user experience in a much better way than images that are not web-friendly. In a way, removing the background and some unwanted features of a product can help compress it. So, if you want to improve the page load time and persuade customers to buy into your offerings, contact an efficient clipping path company for the same.