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Professional Picture Editing

Top 3 Photoshop Blend Modes you Need to Master

Professional Picture Editing
Photoshop Blend Modes

Professional picture editing has become really important these days, especially for the commercial purposes. For instance, consider the real estate field. Here, an edited photo of the property is more likely to attract a potential buyer when compared to the normal photos. Similarly, in the field of restaurants, a manipulated image of various alluring dishes is sure to attract a number of customers. No wonder, there are many photo editing companies around that offer professional picture editing services to furnish these demands.

At times though, it may not be practical for everyone to depend on photo editing companies. Luckily, there are many image editing software and apps, which you may try in order to give a professional touch to your image. One of the most popular image editing software that is trending these days is Adobe Photoshop. In fact, most of the photo editing companies employ Photoshop in order to achieve the best results.

Blending Modes in Photoshop

There are numerous features in Photoshop, and it will be challenging for beginners to master all those things in a go. Nevertheless, you can also get professional quality images if you know the basic features of professional picture editing in Photoshop such as cropping, selection, blend modes, layer masks, etc. Out of these, blend modes are really crucial.

Note that there are 27 blending modes in Photoshop, which can be quite overwhelming for most people. Fortunately, you can achieve a decent result if you master the three basic blending modes in the editor; that is the lighten mode, darken mode, and contrast mode.

The Darken Blend Mode

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As the name indicates, darken blend mode is used to make an image darker. Here, the main modes involved are multiply, linear burn, color burn, darken, and darker color. Darken blend mode is mainly used to manipulate antique photos that are faded over time. In such photos, the dark shadows would be converted into grays with time.

The Lighten Blend Mode

A lighten blend mode feature is used to lighten an image. Here, the major blend modes involved are color dodge, lighten, linear dodge, screen, and lighter color. Out of this, screen blend mode is really significant as it lightens the desired area without lightening the other darkest areas in an image. Light blend mode services are mainly used to manipulate an image that suffers from underexposure.

The Contrast Blend Mode

A contrast blend mode manipulates the darkness as well as the light of an image in order to enhance its contrast. It comprises of hard light, soft light, overlay, linear light, hard mix, vivid light, and pin light modes. This type of blending mode is mainly used to enhance a highly faded photo with highlights and shadows.