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Top 3 Portrait Photo Skin Retouching Techniques

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Portrait photographers always strive to achieve good-looking skin in photos of clients, especially models. Achieving that realistically by preserving the natural skin texture is the ultimate aim of a good portrait photographer. Good lighting and expertly applied makeup lay the foundation for good-looking skin, but photo retouching gives the polishing touches.

The Touch-Up Layer Technique

Using the touch-up layer method will often help photo retouching services achieve what is required, which holds true especially retouching the skin portions. Photo editors use to deal with skin blemishes, spots and marks. It works well to get rid of dust or lint, flakes of makeup and tiny hair strands.

This technique can be used to retouch the makeup when it is required; for instance, to clean up the lipstick that is spread into surrounding skin, or in order to fill in the gaps in eyeliner for a clean and nice line. However, it does not work all that well for retouching skin patches, hot spots or blotchy skin. It is not the appropriate technique either to deal with multiple small blemishes on the skin.

Frequency Separation Technique

When more is required to achieve gorgeous skin, this image retouching technique is an option. Expert photo retouching services can do touch-ups without losing or harming the skin texture.

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It works well for small blemishes, red patches, blotchy skin, wrinkles, flaky and dry skin, and oily patches. It does wonders with below-eye circles and is perfect to smooth out the makeup that has not blended all that well. However, it is not ideal to remove stray hairs, clearly defined blemishes, or for a general and overall touch-up of the skin.

It is possible to remove some hot spots with this technique. However, if it is blown out and the skin texture is not legible, using the retouching technique will only result in skin patches that do not look natural.

The ByRo Method

At times, the skin requires a total touch-up. It could be used besides other techniques mentioned here or in place of the above-mentioned one. This method is especially effective for a quick and overall smoothing of the skin that retains its texture. Like the frequency separation technique, this one is extremely technical for setting up, but photo editing services can help you out.

It is ideal also when the person has gorgeous skin, has not worn makeup, and requires only evening out.