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Top 4 Creatively Unconventional Photo Manipulation Effects in Photoshop

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Each photograph offers the editors endless opportunities to use tools in the software to create effects that capture the attention of the audience. The different image manipulation tools in Photoshop ensure that not all the images appear the same way. Below are some of the unconventional manipulative effects that gives a heft to an image.

Funky Extrude Effect

Editors change the backdrop of the original photograph using a duplicate layer and apply several textures or colors with style to achieve this effect in photo manipulation. They use the Extrude Filter in Photoshop and choose an effect that would offer a funky outlook on the processed photo. However, making a copy of the real photograph’s backdrop using layers would enable the editors to revert to the actual background if needed.

Cracked Skin Effect

This contemporary effect would alter your perception about portrait retouching, especially retouching a headshot. When retouching the photo this way, editors combine the actual elements in the photo and use the textures that helps form cracks on the skin. It is essential to choose a particular texture that would form a layer and adjust the opacity of the texture to retouch the facial areas in the image.

Halftone Dot Effects

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This photo manipulation method would make a photo into a graphical art giving the impression to the audience that the photo has small dots. Photoshop’s halftone filter gives a means to successfully manipulate portrait photos, wedding photographs or even outdoor photos meant for publishing in a journal for advertising purposes. To create this effect, editors use an angle gradient filter alongside the Twirl filter and choose Bitmap as the file format. As per the media on which the client intends to publish the portrait, they can ask for color dots or black and white dots to appear in the photo.

Ink Smudge Effect

This is one of the easiest effects to execute in professional picture editing and can resemble a watercolor painting on canvas having dark color tones. A dry brush filter is chosen from the artistic filters in Photoshop and the layer mask is also used to manipulate the photo. If you are a photo enthusiast, get in touch with professionals in photo retouching services to know more about photo manipulation.