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Top 5 Editing Techniques to Enhance your Photography

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Whether you merely shoot the occasional selfie on your smartphone or you are a professional photographer with a studio, you need software to edit and enhance your photos for the best outcome. Apparently, using such editing tools and techniques, you can make your photos look better and promote them online or via print media.

It is obvious how today’s camera technology is improving at a tremendous rate and the latest smartphones becoming more powerful than ever to cater to that. However, editing pictures is no longer a rocket science; you can just choose your photos and enhance them like a pro. Below are some methods recommended by professional Photoshop services to get the best results.

Flattening Out the Image

This is the foundation of editing, without which you cannot edit a photo. To flatten out the image, organize your photos first and then start by adjusting the color or exposure until you get the right one. Further, set the highlights slider between -30 to -80 and the shadow slider between +30 to +80, so that you will get your highlights little dull and shadows will be flat.

Once you flatten the image, open the image in Photoshop and use toning and other techniques to get the right amount of contrast. However, note that too much of contrast may ruin your image.

The Healing Brush

The Healing Brush tool is used so that one can pick their own source points. Further, this tool can be used to remove pimples, inconsistencies on the skin, or any other distractions in the background. Besides, this can be used in landscapes or sports shots as well and attention to small and simple details is important here.

The Clone Stamp

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A Clone Stamp is used to lighten or darken your skin. Besides that, you can use this either on your skin or on the background at the required opacity. Furthermore, you can use it in areas that do not have much detail, such as on natural light shots that tend to have less detailing. Additionally, this can be very useful to blend the transitions in the sky or on the patterns that do not have a lot of detail.

Frequency Separation

This is one of the greatest techniques to soften your skin. Further, you can use this on clothes, skies, backgrounds, or anywhere you need to even things out. Nonetheless, remember that this technique is something to use sparingly and moderately.

Crushing Highlights

To use this technique, add some contrast with curves adjustment layer; S curve is commonly used by professional Photoshop services. This technique can be used to give the image a color shift, mostly for high key images.