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Types Of Photo Editing Software And Their Features

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Digital Imaging has undergone a rapid transformation in the last decade because of the advancements made in image editing technology. Photo editing programs has made the process a lot easier with their advanced features and tools that enable manipulation of the various aspects of the image. They have enabled the users with the ability to edit, modify and enhance digital images.

Nowadays, photo-editing software has advanced to much higher levels and has an array of features along with powerful in built tools. This can help users to alter the entire aspects and properties of the image. They also come with built-in tutorials and instructions that make it possible for any user to operate them with ease.

Photo editing software can be generally classified into two types:


Professional photo editing software has highly advanced features for professionals to edit photographs. Due to its advanced features, professionals working in the field of photography, production design, graphic designing and various electronic media use them commonly. Professional photo editing software offer complex tools and features that can assist in manipulating the image to produce results that are far better than the original image.


Users who are new to the process of image editing mainly use beginner photo editing software. It has easy to use features that make editing much simpler process while offering an excellent way to learn more about the process. Beginner photo editing software has simple interface and allows for basic image editing like cropping, distorting and adding frames.

Selecting the best photo editing software involves identifying some of the key features mentioned below.

User Interface

A good image editing software should have a user interface that is designed to cater to any kind of users. They have a simple an intuitively designed interface that provides the user with greater ease of use and quicker navigation.

Editing Capabilities

Photo editing software must contain an assortment of features that allows editing almost all aspects of the image. This includes red-eye reduction, exposure correction, color grading and balancing, correcting any image aberrations etc.

Output Formats

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Support of different output file formats is a necessary feature of any photo editing software. These allow it to be seamlessly integrated and used on a wide range of applications like the web, print, e-mail and social media networks.


Due to the presence of various image file formats like JPEG, TIF, GIF etc. it is desirable for the photo editing software to support them. The software should also support importing the image files, conversion into different formats and exporting into various image formats.