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Types of Photo Retouching Services in Editorials

Professional Picture Editing
Remove Distracting Elements

Photo retouching services can be classified as retouching for portraits, retouching for editorials, commercial retouching, and creative and beauty retouching. Each of the professional areas has some subtle differences and editors cater to client-specific requirements based on the category. For instance, photographers will shoot the face of the subject in portrait photography, and the edited portrait will have the personal characteristics of the subject intact.

Editors will ideally strive to keep the personal characteristics of the subject and will leave the scars, black moles, and freckles intact in portrait retouching. Headshots and other portraits come under scrutiny, and they make the cut in a photographers’ portfolio. However, clients can give directions to the editor whether or not to reduce or intensify those personal characteristics in the portrait. Besides that, the non-permanent features of the subject like pimples, redness of the skin, and bruises will get retouched in portrait retouching.

Photo Retouching Services
Client-Specific Requirements

In editorial retouching, editors will keep the natural look of the photo and will remove the distracting elements in the image. Editors know the focal point in an editorial photo is a product, brand, or a service, and that they are for publishing in print or online media. In professional picture editing, the editors adjust contrast, remove colorcast, and choose the right tools to keep the visual consistency of the images when they get to the post-processing.

Editorials use the photos to convey a theme with a sequence of portrait photos. Like editorial retouching, the onlooker should relate to the edited photo’s subject and the editors will strive to bring a persuasive feel on the image subject in commercial retouching. Similarly, editors will tackle a wider range of products such as cars, jewels, apparels, and so in commercial retouching.

In general, retouching processes are used to sell or promote a product, and hence, persuasion is a must on commercial as well as editorial photographs. In fashion editorial photos, skin is the focal point and editors will spend a considerable amount of time to retouch skin in professional picture editing and its post-processing stage. Beauty retouching is a time-consuming process and hence requires professional editors with ample skill and practice for the best results.