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Understanding Popular Terminologies in Photo Editing

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Photo Editing Terminologies

Jargons used in photo editing can be much confusing to the clients, especially for those clients who are new to the business. There are many technical terms used by photo editing services and an understanding of these terms can help businesses select the best service provider for them. Below are some of the important technical terms of photo editing.

Image Resize and Resample

While resampling or resizing an image, a new pixel dimension (width and length) will be specified for the image. The resize algorithm used by photo retouching services deletes or duplicates the pixels in the image, whereas resampling will smooth out the edges of the image and fill in the mixing pixels with proper color.

Photo editing experts say that due to the differences between resampling and resizing, it is best to use resizing on computer generated images and graphics, and resampling on images that has more than 256 colors.

Image Color Depth

Color depth is the term used to refer to the range of colors used in an image. Experts claim that the more colors you use in an image, the more realistic it will be. Common color depth values are 256 colors 16 bit, which equals up to 65,000 colors and 256 colors 24 bit, which equals 16,777, 216 colors.

Computer generated clip art and graphics are better in lower color depth whereas realistic images are best in 32 and 24-bit color depth. However, the more the colors in your image, the larger will be the size of the file.

Color Adjustments

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Color adjustments are used to alter the overall color tone of images and to get rid of unwanted colors from the image. Color adjustments will affect the complete image, even if only a small portion of the image is adjusted, unless the adjustments are done in images with a color depth of 24 bits and more.

Color adjustment tools take into consideration the other colors in the image while using the algorithm. This is why the changes take place to the entire image. For instance, if you are adding gay color to a blue water scene, the gray color will be influenced by the color.

Color adjustments can also be used to offer interesting effects to the image. For instance, by adding yellow and gray colors, photo editing services will be able to offer an aged newspaper look to the image.