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Using Adobe Lightroom Tools for Skin Smoothening

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Photo retouching is one of the most popular and widely used photo editing techniques that can easily bring a fresh and attractive to your ordinary digital images. Smoothening textures in portraits and removing spots, blemishes, wrinkles, and marks from the face of your model has all been pretty much easier with the process of photo retouching.

You might be a little bit shocked to hear the fact that photo editing companies do not use Adobe Photoshop or any other sophisticated photo editing tools for this process; instead, they incorporate the use of Adobe Lightroom to bring the desired results to your digital images. Some of the most common tools and methods used by photo editing companies to smoothen the skin of your model in a digital image are as follows.

Decrease Clarity in the Basic Panel

Decreasing the clarity of the image in the basic panel is one of the simplest methods used by photo editors to make the skin look softer and attractive. Photo editors bring down the clarity of your image to a negative level (somewhere between -15 and -50) based on the result that they are after.

Advanced Sharpening Techniques

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If the image obtained from the above method seems unreal, then photo editors make use of manual sharpening settings. In most cases, photo editing companies keep the radium between 1 and 2 while the sharpening is usually adjusted to somewhere in between 50 and 100. This will make the skin of your model look a lot more realistic and appealing to the viewers.

Basic Panel

After completing the step, photo editors go to the “Basic Panel” to set the desired exposure parameters. They adjust the contrast, clarity, sharpening, luminance, and masking. They continue to alter these parameters until they achieve the desired look they are looking for. This will not only make your image look stunning but also make them suitable for advertisement and marketing campaigns.

In addition to these 3 tools, professional photo editing companies also incorporate the use of the Spot Removal Tool in Lightroom for skin softening. This tool helps photo editors to get rid of the unwanted spots and blemished from the skin of the model in the digital image. This will in turn brings a professional touch to your image and help you to easily capture the attention of your viewers.