Versatile Photo Editing Tips for Professional Quality Images

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Photo Editing Tips

Photo editing services can be used for both commercial and personal purposes. In the former case, the number of people relying on photo editing companies has increased to a great extent these days. This is because an enhanced image of their product is more likely to attract potential buyers and ultimately boost up their business when compared to a normal image.

For instance, consider the real estate field. Here, a manipulated image of a property will look more appealing to a customer rather than a normal photo. Similarly, in the case of online business, an improved or edited image of their product is sure to draw the attention of internet users. In order to achieve the best results in the commercial field, a professional help is actually inevitable. No wonder, the number of photo editing companies is skyrocketing these days.

Likewise, you can depend on the photo editing services offered by any of the popular photo editing companies around to beautify your personal photos as well. However, it will not be a feasible option for everyone to seek professional help for manipulating all their images since people tend to capture a lot of pictures these days. To tackle this issue, you can use photo editing apps and software that offer some of the best results.

Still, if you need a professional looking outcome, it is better to avail the services of any of the best photo editing companies. Furthermore, there are certain things that you must consider to manipulate an image like a pro, especially if you are a newbie to it. Below are some helpful photo editing tips to get professional quality images.

Speed Up your Workflow

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A major reason of concern you may face while editing a photo will be your workflow and its speed. At times, it may take hours to edit just a couple of photos, and even the simple processes such as opening, saving, adjusting filters, etc., may become a hectic task. In order to address your workflow speed, one of the best options is to batch edit the images using a favorite preset setting rather than enhancing each and every image individually.

Master the Shortcut Keys

Mastering the shortcut keys for your app as editors in photo editing companies do will also save your time. As said, there will be many time killing steps in your workflow such as copy, paste, zoom, etc. Even though these all are simple steps, it will take a good amount of time to execute them. You can resolve this issue by mastering the shortcut keys. Note that application of shortcut keys may differ with the app you choose.

If you are using the Adobe Lightroom app, the shortcuts for copy are Cmd + C (Mac) or Ctrl + Shift + C (Windows), and for paste option, it is Cmd + V (Mac) or Ctrl + Shift + V (Windows). In case you are using Photoshop, you can zoom an image instantly by pressing and holding H. Similarly, by holding the Space Bar, you can easily toggle to the Hand tool.

Camera Raw Filter

Most people think that camera raw filter is an area where they can apply filters or do all type of adjustments to an image; this is a misconception. Actually, camera raw filter is a base on which you need to continue your post-processing steps. The major adjustments that you can do in this filter are highlighting, optimizing white balance, etc.

Professional photo editing companies recommend not to do the global adjustments such as exposure, contrast, saturation, and all in this stage. Otherwise, it is more likely to have some toning issues in your final product.

Go for Vivid Skies

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Usually, there will be either a blue sky or a cloudy one in most outdoor images. By using the HSL option in a Lightroom or Adobe Raw, you can add a subtle boost in the contrast and achieve an amazing result that is neither too blue nor too cloudy. For this, select the Luminance option in the app and drag the slider towards the right side in order to darken the sky. However, do not overdo it else, it may look really dramatic.

Apart from this, you can also employ techniques such as applying a digital graduated filter, manipulating the clarity, increasing the saturation level, etc., to achieve the best results.

Play with Preset Settings

Presets is a collection of photo editing settings inside an app that are bundled together to offer an efficient photo editing experience in a single click. If you incorporated this technique in your post-processing steps, you will not have to repeat the same editing steps one by one; all those settings will be saved as preset.

In the Lightroom app, there is a preset panel in the Develop Module option. All the preset colors in this panel are worth experimenting. In case you went overboard and want to undo the changes, you can simply scroll down through the history palette and choose a suitable option.