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Website Image Optimization Steps Followed By Photo Editors

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We all know that images contribute a lot to the content of a webpage, as the visitors are not likely to spend much time on a website that offers nothing more than plain text. However, the impact that images bring to the site is merely ignored many a times.

Many website owners complain that filling a webpage with images will make the page to load slowly. Unfortunately, they do not realize that just by optimizing the images for websites, they will be able to include more images in a small area without affecting the loading time of the web pages. This does not mean you have to resize the image to fit into the webpage, but you will have to perform some image optimization to have the best results. The website image optimizations steps followed by product photo editing experts are explained below.

Straightening The Image

The first step is to adjust the images that are tilted or crooked or if the image was misaligned when it was scanned. The photo editing expert will carefully rotate the image to straighten it out. Some editors may use the Crop tool, as it will help them crop and straighten the image at the same time.

Crop The Unused Area

Product photo editing experts make use of the Photoshop software to crop out the unwanted areas in the image. It will be a rare case if you find an image that does not need much retouching or editing. Some of the images will have too much area at the edges and the editor will crop the unnecessary areas to make it in proportion.

Change Image Background

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Straightening The Image

Changing the background of the image is one of the most popular techniques employed in website image optimization. Some editors might make use of the image clipping path tool to remove the background from the picture, as in most of the cases, there will be unwanted objects in the image that need to be removed to optimize the image.

Adding Shadows

Adding a drop shadow is an efficient website image optimization technique that can be used to improve the quality of an image used on a website. The use of shadows will offer incredible depth to the product images and it can help attract more visitors to the website, thereby driving more traffic to the site, and increasing the chances of product sales.