What Are High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photos Actually?

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You would have heard a lot about HDR photos these days, probably because more and more people are into “pro” photography nowadays. Even if you buy a good quality camera, you will see an “HDR mode” on the equipment. However, what is an HDR image actually?

High Dynamic Range or HDR is a type of photo editing service, which involves taking three pictures of an object at various light exposure levels. Though the term rings more of a modern feel, the practice has been around in the world of photography for quite some time. Yet again, the advancements in technology today have rather redefined what HDR photo editing is.

After photographing the subject at three different levels of light, professional photo editing service providers merge the three pictures into a masterpiece. The merging process is done after careful examination of the best light or dark exposure parts in each photo, and then combining them to create a more dynamic image.

Although the best HDR images are said to be landscape pictures, you can make use of this photo editing technology for various purposes. Say you wanted to promote a product in your business website. You can hire professional photo editing service providers and ask them to merge the product to an outdoor setting. When combined with HDR photo editing, the final output will be a visual treat to the onlookers.

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High Dynamic Range

The different colors of the sky due to different light exposures are best enhanced in HDR photos. The perfect alignment of colorful elements in the back setting to the dynamic tone of the centerpiece amazingly brings out the best features in any picture. Besides that, the perfect addition of shading and contour to the picture gives it a natural look.

A recent study revealed that around 2 billion photos are shared on the internet per day. It is obvious that without much appeal, you image will lose its charm to attract visitors to your product or service. However, if you hired a professional photo editing service provider to enhance the beauty of your picture before publishing it online, your photo is bound to bring forth fruitful results.

Remember that HDR photography is a mix of patience and experience, and professional picture editing companies know how to work around any every day picture and make it an astonishing one. So it would be better not to tweak with the images on your own when publishing something for your online business, as amateur work can spoil the image entirely.

What Are High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photos Actually?
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