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What Are The Product Photo Editing Requirements For Amazon

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If you are an online retailer, you might be familiar with the product image requirements for ecommerce websites like Amazon, Google shopping, and eBay. However, if you are new to the online retail industry, you will need to understand that the ecommerce platforms will need the retailers to follow a set of product image requirements and guidelines to offer a consistent streamlined experience to the customers. In fact, sellers who do not follow these guidelines will see their listings and accounts suspended. So, it is important to hire product photo editing services to retouch and edit the images of the products offered by your business, before sharing in ecommerce websites like Amazon.

Amazon’s guidelines for product photos are as follows.

  • Mannequins, borders, logos, and watermarks in images are not at all acceptable.
  • Recommended image size is 2560 pixels wide; however, the minimum size for apparel images is 1001 pixels wide, and that for all other products is 500 pixels.
  • At least eighty-five percent of the image frame should be filled with the product in all images.

These are the general requirements to notice while sharing product images with listings on Amazon. The last update was regarding images of jewelry. The minimum sizing has been increased to 1001 pixels, maximum to 2100 pixels. Besides that, the zoom activation has been changed to 1000 pixels.

If you are an online retailer, it is important for you to keep track of the image requirements of ecommerce websites, as non-compliance with the image guidelines can lead to restrictions and even penalties on the store. In the worst case, your business listings and image may be suppressed from view to the potential customers.

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It is much important for you to adhere to the image guidelines of Amazon, if you wish to be a retailer on one of the best online selling platforms. You need to keep in mind that great images can affect the decisions made by the customers. Images can make customers purchase or pass your product.

If you are finding it difficult to edit your product photos to meet the image requirements and guidelines of Amazon or any other ecommerce website, you can seek help of professional product photo editing experts who will be well versed with these varied requirements. These experts can help you meet the requirements in minimum time and make sure that your product image attracts as many customers as possible.