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What is Frequency Separation in Photo Retouching?

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Frequency separation is virtually a technique of decomposing an image’s data to spatial frequencies, so that professionals can edit details in distinct frequencies separately. The technique has become a mainstream process in the recent past and has been doing the rounds in the realm of photo retouching services especially.

There can be a large number of frequencies in every photo, and each of them will contain some information based on image details’ size. Usually, one who is indulged in professional picture editing breaks down the information data into low frequency and high frequency ones. Much like an audio track that can be represented in sine curves, photo editors can break up a photo into both frequency waves. High frequencies will contain info about fine details, like skin imperfections, hair, and skin pores, whereas low frequencies are data that contain info about color transitions, color volume, and color tone.

In other words, they are lights and shadows portions, as well as colors and tones in the photo. In case you look closely at the low frequency info only, you might able to identify the photo, but it will not hold specific details.

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If a photo has a combination of a white silver screen personality in its low frequency layer and a different person in its high frequency layer, it will make you perceive it differently from distinct angles. For instance, when you look at a merged photo from up close sitting in front of a computer, you get to see its high spatial frequency, fine details, and outlines of one’s facial features. If you view the same image away from your system’s monitor, your eyes will adjust and your vision’s “low pass filter” will kick in. As a result, you get to see the same photo’s low spatial frequency – or a different subject.

Spatial frequency data’s separation can be used for skin retouching too. In fact, such kinds of effects and image retouching tasks are easily achievable in a photo editing software. The process involves separating the main details from color and tones of an image and retouching them separately. If you do not know how to do that, it would be better to hire experienced photo retouching services to improve the look of your images with the use of frequency separation technique. Its main advantage is that it lets editors keep the details even when editing is deep, and have control over tone and color.