What you need to know about content aware fill in Photoshop

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Content-aware fill is a feature that is available on Photoshop for many years now. This feature is used by the photo editors to fill the areas (of their choice) on the picture in accord with the composition of colors around these areas. The texture and color of the area surrounding the selected area will be analyzed and then the area will be filled with colors randomly. The content aware fill feature also offers a Healing brush type tool to seamlessly merge the filled area with the surrounding areas.

This feature called content-aware fill is one of the very important and widely used components of image processing in Photoshop. Tools like Spot Healing Brush and Patch Tool in Photoshop makes use of this feature of content-aware fill. While creating a Photomerge panorama or while applying a rotated crop, the content-aware fill feature is used as the finishing option. This feature helps in filling the edge pixels which are transparent. In such conditions, the content-aware fill feature can be used to fill the blank areas and hence the boundary can be extended. The advantage of using this feature is that you can be flexible when you do the cropping of such images.

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The latest content-aware feature in Photoshop is more advanced. This feature can help you to repair and fill those big areas in the picture where other tools cannot be effective. Thus the new feature of content-aware fill provides you with a complete workspace. It is also very helpful while using the Patch tool when there is no clear area to sample from. The previous straight fill feature of the Photoshop itself was so beneficial and the flexibility is increased in the new content-aware fill feature of the Photoshop CC. Now you can tune the content-aware settings according to your own preference and can go forward in editing the sample area.

Whether you are repairing small or big areas, by using the content-aware mode itself, you can apply for the spot healing brush work. Using the patch tool in the content-aware mode is also suggestible because it offers you more slider options by which you can adjust the color blend, structure, etc.

Undoubtedly, the content-aware fill feature of Photoshop is a great help in photo processing and editing works. The new content-aware feature is better than the old one and is very much user-friendly. For this reason, it is being used widely in photo editing services.

What you need to know about content aware fill in Photoshop
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