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Where Do Professional Editors Use Luminosity Masking Feathers?

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Luminosity Masking Feathers

Out in the cold, they wait; in the downpour, they hope; and at night, they look upwards for clear blue skies. A photographer welcomes clear blue skies, especially if they are capturing a skyline photograph with an HDR cam. The best way forward for photographers to create High Dynamic Range (HDR) image is to bank on editors who work countless hours to blend exposure.

Some of the common things, which pale an HDR image, are over-saturated color, noise, and other distortions occurred outdoors. However, the luminosity blending mode in Photoshop clears all of them at once. Photoshop has another feature named “Chroma Key”, which would alter the background color to Blue or Green, or as it can be seen in giant Hollywood studios. In fact, the luminosity masking feature would give natural and balanced output to an HDR image.

With luminosity masking, editors are given full freedom regarding where to give shadows, highlights, or mid tone, and as to which parts of a photograph should be exposed clearly to the naked eye. With the selection of a given luminosity mask and of opacity masking brush, and by intersecting portions in a photograph, photo retouching services influence the luminance of an image in Photoshop. For instance, skyline photographs shall be asserted 50% opacity during exposure blending to make the photograph somewhat low-profile.

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Editors can also single out the portion of clear blue skies or rising sun, with interactive and action packed luminosity masking. When photo retouching services work on a flat horizon background, they invariably use a gradient mask to blend color exposure naturally. It is said that the relative advantage of luminosity masking lies on the editor’s skill to make feathered selections as per the luminance in a given photograph.

In a stock photo, for instance, clients need to retain all portions as the same, so editors cannot replace a darker portion in the image for a brighter one or vice versa. Feathered selections give a seamless transition between reality and clarity, exposure and color. In fact, luminosity masking can be applied on a Sycamore tree standing in the middle of a field, with the sun shining brightly in the background, leaving a reflection on the branches and shadows on the ground. Well, the output is edited expertly by photo retouching services.