Why Consider Hat Photography on a Mannequin Bust for an E-Commerce Portal

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Hats shall be prepped prior to photographing for an e-commerce site. For instance, if your brand new hat reveals price tags, then you will need to conceal it if you are unable to remove the tags. To hide cosmetic flaws like brims on the hat, consider ironing, as it will help you to photograph the product with ease in its actual shape. Moreover, most of the hats comprise of felt fabric or different fabric that may collect lint, which means that you will also need to consider lint removal too.

If you are planning to use a model for photographing hats, use matching clothes on the model that complements the product so that the hat stays viewable on the snap to a certain extent. For instance, a woolen hat can be matched with a scarf or woolen coat whereas sun hat can be worn alongside a colorful outfit. However, since the headshot tends to distract the view from the subject to the model consider a mannequin for hat photography.

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Since there are affordable white foam mannequin busts, which come in all sizes you can select the ideal one for your product. When you are capturing the photograph, use a white background against the mannequin. This will help you to photograph the hat with ease. Also, place the cam on a tripod and in line of the product. Align the light source to its left too. Once you are done with placing main light source, align a surface to reflect the light right to the mannequin and facing the light.

This is done to reflect the light from the left on the surface that is aligned to the right and to reduce shadows on the mannequin’s right side. If you misalign the light fall, it may cast shadows on the hat, which is something you can remove through product photo editing. Capturing multiple photos of the hat will make creating the invisible mannequin a lot more easier in the post-processing phase.

For that, place hats straight on the mannequin while shooting so that you can see what is underneath it. Then, take off the mannequin, keep the hat in the exact same position, and capture images as if you are holding it. The two photos can be combined easily through product photo editing techniques.